The Crowdfund Global Expo will provide attendees with an unprecedented, comprehensive overview of the global crowdfunding community. Take an in-depth dive into the world of crowdfinance, with the opportunity to specialize in one of three separate tracks: debt crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding or real estate crowdfunding.

Designed to be the premier networking and educational event of 2014, Crowdfund Global Expo will delve through the complex layers of this rapidly expanding market and cover every aspect of the funding revolution. This unparalleled event will encompass financial regulations, marketing content and case studies on how to successfully manage a crowdfunding campaign or portal. The next generation of Wall Street is on the horizon as crowdfunding continues to disrupt traditional funding and investing paradigms. Attend the Crowdfund Global Expo to empower yourself with knowledge and position your venture at the forefront of cutting-edge financial technologies and trends.

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Joel Block

  • Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC
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